Billy Coleman

Bristol, CT

Hi there,my name is Billy Coleman. I am a second generation hot rodder. My father, Dick, and my uncle Bill have been east coast rodders since the mid-70s. My wife Tracey(also a second generation rodder)and my daughter Katey and I live in Bristol, CT. My wife and I each have 37 fords,mine is a club coupe and hers is a 4 door sedan.

My father and I race a 1948 austin gasser that runs low 10s. We race with a club called NETO(Northeast Timing Organization)...he and I have a blast with the car...(its all Ronnie roadsters fault) ha ha. Dad and I restored the Blown Hearse racecar together.

I have been on the Ct NSRA safety team since 1992, and this year I was named the new safety rep. for the state. My dad is also on the team, we do alot together, he is definatly my best friend as well as my dad.

I have owned my 37 since I was 14 years old, and it has been on the road since 1987. My Dad was a member of CSRA for around 10 years and thats how I learned about the great club that is CSRA..

My inlaws are also street rodders, Dennis and Sue OBrien. They have a 1934 ford panel truck that has seen over 200,000 miles in its life. They have a Street Rod Business that sells club plaques and many nostalgic engine acessories.

My Dad has a 1942 chevy that has been in our family since it was new..My mom has a 1962 chevy wagon and they also have a 1953 chevy as well. My uncle has a 1948 chevy convertable that has been on the road since the early 70s. As you can see we are a true hot rod family.

I have been on the Executive Board of CSRA for 6 years and was the Secratary for 5 of those.. There have been a lot of great memories over the last 25 years around CSRA..and something tells me they have really just begun.